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Pascal Meyer

Founder and Chief Otter, QoQa Services SA

Nach seinem Studium für Multimedia und neue Technologien hat Pascal Meyer seine Karriere in einer Kommunikationsagentur lanciert. 2004 wurde er von AMPCO Metal als IT­Manager engagiert. Parallel dazu begann er mit dem Aufbau seiner Firma – einer Liveshopping­-Plattform mit Schnäppchen jeder Art. 2009 hat Meyer seinen Job als IT­-Manager aufgegeben und widmet sich seither erfolgreich dem Auf­ und Ausbau seiner Community.

keynote | Deutsch

16.45 Uhr


Pascal Meyer, is the founder of the online shopping platform for reduced goods. Motto: Sharing a good deal with friends. We have fun, are spontaneous and authentic. In a fast French and very entertaining manner, Pascal tells about the founding of his company. A bet was made with his marketing teacher who said it was impossible to start up without money or a marketing concept. He proved him wrong. Soon Qwine, Qooking, Qsport, Qblog and Qids were founded for aficionados. Some items sold: A few Teslas were sold for 50% off the market price, All you can fly 1 year with Swiss for 300,- sfr and 1 million pampers and 450’000 bottles of wine in 2015. Qoqa has over 300’000 users and only hires meat eaters and wine lovers.