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Manuel Grenacher

Founder & CEO, Mila

Mila is a trusted marketplace for local services. This app will simplify your life, helping you to get things done, whenever and wherever you need it. Simply browse the community to check out local service offers.

keynote | Deutsch

09.50 Uhr


Manuel Grenacher, b. 1981, Swiss born computer scientist based in Zurich, is co-founder of both Coresystems and (CEO of the latter). In 2006 he started up Coresystems with student friends in Windisch CH. Mil, a spinoff of Coresystems, connects neighbors to help one another with technical problems, for example. Swisscom has courageously engaged and uses the “friends” who are former employees or neighbors, to troubleshoot technical problems other neighbors may have. Instead of calling in an expensive technician, a “friend” can be summoned via Mila. Ratings, photo and skills for example can be viewed online. For a business, this is a chance to exceed customer satisfaction via a collaborative economy. For more on collaborative economy, see Jeremiah Owyang’s presentation.