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Loïc Le Meur

Serial Entrepreneur & Tech Guru Founder, LeWeb

Loïc Le Meur is a serial entrepreneur based in San Francisco. Loïc co-founded the #1 European tech event LeWeb. Each year, LeWeb gathers 3,500 entrepreneurs, brands, geeks, investors and press from 76 countries to get together in Paris.

Loïc was named one of “Europe’s Tech25” by the Wall Street Journal as well as one of the “25 most influential people” on the web by Business Week. He is featured in The Economist as one of “Europe’s Blooming Entrepreneurs”, and is a “Young Global Leader” in the World Economic Forum where he helps select the next Tech Pioneers.

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15.00 UHr


Loïc Le Meur, b. 1972, French serial entrepreneur and blogger based in San Fransisco, founder of LeWeb, describes in detail how his life will be in the year 2030. Everything will be hooked up to sensors. While sleeping, his body will be scanned to determine what kind of pill he may need upon awaking. The information will be sent to a “doctor” who will order the pill to be 3D printed and to be swallowed with his morning coffee.

He goes on to describe all of the different aspects of his life, which will be affected by technology in the next 15 years. Despite that we are not yet ready, machines will be taking over and will do things better than humans because they can crunch more data and be more efficient.