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Kirill Tatarinov

Executive Vice President, Microsoft Business Solutions

Kirill Tatarinov is the Executive Vice President for Microsoft Business Solutions and a member of the Microsoft’s Senior Leadership team. He leads the efforts to help organizations of all sizes to revolutionize productivity through the use of technology.

Before joining Microsoft in 2002, Tatarinov was senior vice president and chief technology officer for BMC Software Inc. Before that, Tatarinov was co-founder, chief architect, and head of Research and Development for Patrol Software. Tatarinov grew up in Moscow, Russia, and earned a master’s diploma in systems engineering from Moscow University of Transport Engineering and a master’s in business administration from Houston Baptist University.

keynote | Deutsch

09.10 Uhr


Kirill Tatarinov, Russian born, Exec. VP of Microsoft Business Solutions, discusses how empowering people digitally everywhere is key to a successful business model. The digital divide needs to be overcome, connecting the 4 billion people who still remain digitally unconnected. Data management and helping businesses is the main business of Microsoft Business Solutions. François Ruf gives a short presentation on software to trace ones brand: Who’s talking about it, mentioning it, writing about it, buying it. People, organizations and industries need to be digitally connected for a brighter future.