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Sabrina Schenardi

co-Founder, BLP Digital

Sabrina Schenardi is co-founder of the AI startup BLP Digital. The ETH spinoff has found a way to extract individual table items from invoices, orders or delivery bills and automatically reconcile them with the existing financial accounting or ERP. BLP Digital has thus succeeded in fully automating the entire process end-to-end, from receipt to payment. Last year in October 2020, Sabrina won the diploma award of the Executive MBA in Business Engineering at the University of St. Gallen with her master thesis "Blind Spot - how serious Game promotes transformation in companies". As a board member of We Shape Tech, Sabrina advocates for more innovation and diversity in tech professions worldwide.

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Three start-ups receive 3 minutes to pitch their digital business models in front of attendees.

BLP Digital utilizes AI to eliminate one of the most time consuming and dull aspect of many field, namely data entry. Their system can extract the contents of PDFs, understand it and initiate processing, cutting down on unnecessary hours of tedium, as well as costs.