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Jamie Susskind

Barrister and author of the award-winning bestseller "Future Politics"

Jamie Susskind is a barrister and author of the award-winning bestseller “Future Politics: Living Together in a World Transformed by Tech”, which received the Estoril Global Issues Distinguished Book Prize 2019, and was an Evening Standard and Prospect Book of the Year. Already billed as "intellectual rock star of our time", he regularly appears on the media and speaks around the world on politics and technology. Recent engagemants include Microsoft, Google, Harvard, Stanford, and all the main literary festivals. He is equally comfortable delivering set-piece speeches to large crowds as he is in discussion in more intimate settings.

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The Digital is Political

Author and barrister Jamie Susskind discusses the societal and political implications of digitalization. We are living in a period as profound as the wheel, explains Susskind, or the scientific revolution. The future of politics is inevitably rooted in the concept of power, so the question becomes where will it be tomorrow? Traditionally in hands of parliaments and laws, it is migrating to those who own and control powerful digital technologies. While conventional power remains, even it is still subject to the programming of digital technologies. The freedom of doing some you have been told not to, no matter how minor, disappears when mediated by technology, programming makes no exceptions. Furthermore, data about us is constantly being collected, our behavior is becoming more heavily influenced. Filtering news, searches, communication constitutes another aspect of power, perception control. Doubtlessly, democracy is going to be drastically changed, as the line between politics and technology disappears, and we need to stop viewing ourselves as consumers or businesspeople, but rather as citizens.