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Anders Indset

Economic philosopher

Anders Indset is one of the world's leading business philosophers and a trusted sparring partner for international CEOs and political leaders. Dubbed "Rock'n'Roll Plato" by the media, his approach to practical philosophy makes him one of the most sought-after contemporary thought leaders. Thinkers50, the leading ranking of global management thought leaders - considered by many to be the "Oscars of management thinkers" - has included Anders Indset on its "radar" as one of the 30 global thought leaders who will permanently shape and change the future of corporate management. Born in Norway and based in Frankfurt, he is a guest lecturer at leading international business schools and is known for his unconventional thinking, provocative theses and rock star attitude. He is Founding Partner of the Global Institute of Leadership and Technology and Advisory Board Member of Terra Quantum, a Swiss pioneer in quantum technology. His latest book "Quantum Economy - What Comes After Digitalisation?" quickly made it onto the Spiegel bestseller list and was ranked number one in Manager Magazin and Handelsblatt as the best-selling business book in Germany.

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Purpose-based Economy

Beginning with an excerpt from his book, Anders Indset engages his audience with several fascinating questions rooted in philosophy. Recounting notable events from the 1970s until today, he describes the pandemic as an awakening from a fatal nap for humanity. We built digitalization into every aspect of out lives in order to ostensibly improve it, however we’re losing the ability to be wrong along the way. The often-touted digital transformation never describes what exactly we are transforming into, and it is important not to lose human components in the process. Anders Indset sees a future through what he calls “Quantum economics”, described as capitalism with more balance and regard for humanity. We require a activating society characterized by positive thinking, a purpose-creating economy, “Enkelfähigkeit”. We need to find ways to create economic value and societal value together. In order to achieve this, we need to be able to be wrong, ask stupid questions and admit ignorance, as well as show interest, for that is was makes us interesting