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Stefan Unterberger

Business Architect

Stefan Unterberger (49) has had a classic railway career, holding a number of specialist and management positions at the SBB with a focus on timetable planning and operations. From his time as head of the command room at the operations centre in Zurich, he is also very familiar with the need for a stable timetable in the dense S-Bahn network of the greater Zurich area. As a business architect in the smartrail 4.0 programme, he is responsible for drawing up business processes and functional requirements and for implementing the technical target vision in the line organisations. In addition to various SBB management programmes, he recently completed a Master of Advanced Studies in General Management at the University of Berne.

keynote | German

5.05 p.m.


SBB connects Switzerland

In the case, Stefan Unterberger (Business Architect) introduces smartrail 4.0. This program uses digitalization and new technologies to maximise capacity and safety. The railway infrastructure is in a process of transformation and the time is right to adopt and use new technologies. To keep our railway country to its best, smartrail 4.0 involves the entire railway industry. Over the next 20 years, the program aims to get fit for the digital future. After a planning phase and the trial, the final rollout will be launched. Digitalisation and new technologies play an important role in this transformation. For instance, they aim to highly automate train schedule planning. “We are not trying to maximise automatisation, but to optimise it”, was stressed by Unterberger.