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Soraya Darabi

Serial entrepreneur, angel investor and trend spotter

Fast Company has Soraya Darabi down as one of the most creative people in the business world. At the age of 23, as Manager of Digital Partnerships and Social Media, she took the New York Times into the digital age. After that, she became an entrepreneur in her own right and co-founded Foodspotting and Zady. In 2015, the digital Wunderkind and “Young Global Leader” founded venture-capital company Trail Mix Ventures. She invests in design-driven companies that change the ways in which people work and live. The angel investor spots emerging start-ups, disruptive business models and the hottest trends of tomorrow. In doing so, she can rely not only on her entrepreneurial spirit but also on her knowledge of products, services and technologies.

keynote | English


Soraya Darabi hold the first session of the X Days 2018. She started as a journalist by the New York Times and was responsible for the distribution of information through social media. There is a tremendous change in the industry. Industry become digital and global. “The pace of the industry is rapid, but this is good.” Companies need to be optimistic and have to find the most productive way how their employees can show their best outcome.

It is difficult to understand the new generation, they are thinking in numbers and are talking in another language. Nevertheless, companies which do include the digitisation in their strategies are the companies who are going to survive.

On the other hand, some people feel threatened by the digital world. Darabi counter not to worry but to be proactive.

To be successful in the digital world, companies should follow the 4 pillars of modern digital strategies. They are, purposeful storytelling, beta approach, authentic communication and data matters. Darabi closed her session as followed “People do not buy what you do they buy why you did it.”