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Rand Hindi

Founder, & CEO, Snips

Rand Hindi learnt to program at the age of 10; by the age of 14 he had founded his first start-up. He then focused on machine learning and established Snips, the first artificial intelligence platform for digitally connected devices. Hindi has received awards from Forbes and the MIT Technology Review, among others, as a digital personality and heads up the AI taskforce of the French Digital Council.

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In his keynote Rand Hindi, earlier he focused on machine learning and established Snips, his intention is to have access to the Internet, only if one want to have access. In the future, it will be even harder to use technology because it is so hard to know all the background of the used technology. On the other hand, Hindi mentioned the way how we get used to technology in a natural way. In his keynote, he explained the artificial intelligence. It is basically the reproduction of human abilities in a machine. The narrow A.I. is the intelligence of a machine which does everything needed, but has no clue what it is doing. Hindi stresses that A.I. will not take over humanity, as 100% of the A.I. is only narrow intelligence. The human intelligence is able to change the perspective and gets a massive advantage compared to the A.I. By reason of the new technology, we get watched all the time. “General Data Protection Regulation is what we need, if we ask people what they want, no one says: more technology.”