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Kevin Kelly

Publicist & Co-founder, Wired Magazine

Kevin Kelly, a US publicist, has been an observer of and participant in the digital revolution for 30 years. He was editor of the magazine Whole Earth Review, launched the Well, one of the first virtual communities, and founded the Hackers Conference. With his Cool Tools platform, the best-selling author has more than half a million users per month. He is Co-founder of the tech magazine Wired and writes for the magazine as its Senior Maverick.

keynote | German


The NZZ X.Days 2018 got closed with the keynote of Kevin Kelly. Kevin Kelly is a Publicist and Co-founder of the Wired Magazine. He presented the idea of the 4 things that are trend nowadays. Starting with the first thing, which Kelly defines as cognifiying. He described this idea assisted by the example of the artificial power. Artificial power, made it possible to synthesise everything. By comparison, the same will happen with the A.I. Everyone will be able to buy A.I. and create amazing things based on A.I. Second, he mentioned interacting, which declares the today’s world on the screen. Experience is the currency of the current lifetime. Through VR (Virtual Reality) we can experience moments on another level. Kelly’s third keyword was accessing. Access is better than ownership. Owning something means storing and updating it and gets less appetising. Kelly closed his keynote with the last trend, sharing. Every business, these days, is a data business. However, data is not valuable if it is not shared.