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Veit V. Dengler

CEO, NZZ Media Group

The Austrian Veit Dengler has academic qualifications from Harvard University and the Vienna University of Economics and Business. During his career he has held various management positions at McKinsey, T-Mobile, Dell and Groupon. Since 2013 he has been head of the NZZ Media Group as CEO.

keynote | German

2.55 p.m.


“Fake news is nothing new” Veit V. Dengler, CEO of the NZZ Mediengruppe, kicks off the X-Days in Interlaken. It happens when people get overwhelmed by the new media, such as it was with the printing press. He states the massive influx of knowledge creates insecurities, with so many possibilities of sharing information, yet with the dangers of spreading misinformation. Today with Social Media and the sharing of news. It is the companies’ responsibilities to be on the right path of digital transformation with the right information.