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Peter Hinssen

Serial Entrepreneur

Peter Hinssen is a pioneer on issues relating to innovation, leadership and digitisation. He lectures at the London Business School and the MIT Sloan School of Management. Hinssen regularly writes for business media such as Forbes and is the author of widely regarded books including ‘The Network Always Wins.’ A LinkedIn influencer and serial entrepreneur, he sits on several management boards and advises companies on innovation and technology. Hinssen has more than 15 years’ experience in managing start-ups like e-COM, Belgacom and Porthus, and has worked for McKinsey & Company. His present company – nexxworks – supports organisations on the road to a successful future.

keynote | German

11.50 a.m.


With the last session of the conference held by internationally renowned entrepreneur Peter Hinssen, the X.Days 2017 end on a high. “We are experiencing the best and most exciting, yet the worst and most dangerous times,” the Belgian author comments on the age of technology. He prompts the participants to lead their company into this rapidly developing world by changing their mindset and focussing on a world consisting of networks. “It is about culture, risk and strategy," Hinssen reminds the Swiss decision makers.