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Perry Hewitt

Digital Strategy & Marketing Expert

Perry Hewitt is a leading global expert in digital strategies. She has long-standing experience on the corporate side as well as at non-profit organisations such as ITHAKA, where she is currently head of marketing. She is a technology specialist who has advised media companies in developing digital products and was the first Chief Digital Officer of Harvard University. In this role she developed a comprehensive digital strategy. One of the major projects to which she contributed was the redesign of the Harvard website, which has won the Interactive Media Award. Hewitt holds various management roles in marketing, entrepreneurship and technology.

keynote | German

2.15 p.m.


In her keynote Perry Hewitt, leader in digital strategies, shares how to go through digital transformation with the around 450 decision makers present. A five-point checklist for success, from involving executive leaders and the right talent acquisition will ensure the creation of a culture of innovation. The Harvard Chief Design Officer, who successfully lead the Harvard Institute into the digital era, further states social media costumers turned into co-creators, as digitalization blurs lines, and so their involvement is key. As is the correct analysis of collected data. As a last piece of advice Hewitt shares that the constant work in progress that is digital transformation must be "lead with the mindset of learning over knowing".