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Kevin Ashton

Inventor “Internet of Things”

The Briton Kevin Ashton is a visionary technology expert and has in-depth knowledge of the digital transformation. He is known for coining the term the “Internet of Things” – one of the most important technologies of the 21st century. Ashton is author of the multi award-winning book “How To Fly A Horse”. He co-founded the Auto-ID Center at MIT and developed it into a global organisation. The high-tech entrepreneur gained his practical experience with successful start-ups such as ThingMagic and Zensi. Ashton attracted international attention for creating the virtual social media guru, Santiago Swallow, who had over 90,000 Twitter followers.

keynote | German

01.45 p.m.


The first session of X-Days is lead by Kevin Ashton, known for coining the term “the Internet of Things” and sees his job in predicting the future. These predictions might currently seem preposterous yet in a few years will be ordinary. He states: “Predicting the future is easy. Believing it is hard.” Sharing one of his “preposterous” predictions that computing will predominantly work on RFID tags, is already taking place today and so is the internet of things. Not only in smartphones but in all sorts of unexpected places. Such is the force of digital transformation and why companies need to join it.