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Eilif Trondsen

Digital Education Economist

Eilif Trondsen is Director of the company Strategic Business Insights, which is linked with Stanford University and advises IT companies in California. The native Norwegian has already been working in the US for 35 years. He is member of the “Silicon Vikings” network, which connects the Silicon Valley with Nordic and Baltic states. Trondsen is one of the world‘s leading education experts on the digital world and has authored numerous publications on edtech and elearning issues. In his work, the economist deals with questions such as how education is changing in the digital age and how Europeans can adopt the corporate culture of Silicon Valley.

keynote | German

9.05 a.m.


Eilif Trondsen is convinced that education, learning and training need to change to meet new needs and expectations. “In some way we haven’t come very far,” he says comparing education in the Middle Ages to today’s. The Norwegian digital education and learning economist lives and works in the United States. He predicts that online education MOOC (massive open online courses) are going to be a big part of future education and learning. “Changing education and learning in Switzerland will be a challenge but the biggest risk is not doing anything,” he substantiates.