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Alexa Clay

Bestselling Author, “The Mistfit Economy”

Alexa Clay is a writer, public speaker and researcher with a focus on innovation and technological change. She has an MSc in Economic History from Oxford University and has worked as a consultant for SustainAbility and as a director at Ashoka. For the co-author of the best-seller “The Misfit Economy”, conversation is a central means for understanding today’s world. Misfits such as artists, pirates and hermits fascinate her – and provide inspiration for her work. Clay shows what companies and CEOs can learn from sub-cultures and gangsters. She is the founder of the philosophy incubators Wisdom Hackers and Human Agency.

keynote | German

11.00 a.m.


In her keynote, Alexa Clay approaches the subject of innovation and collaboration from an unconventional point of view. Namely the ones of rebels, misfits and those active in the black market. Having anthropologist as parents, Alexa Clay interviewed these unconventional entrepreneurs to find out how they innovate. The author establishes that the Mafia and Hell’s Angels were amongst the first organizations to use franchising, such as pirates being the first with equal pay business models. A lot can be learnt from such organizations. "Entrepreneurial qualities, charisma and focus on product quality are just some. Risk management less so."