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Phil Libin

Co-founder & Executive Chairman, Evernote

The computer scientist Phil Libin, born in the Soviet Union, founded his first company at the age of 17, and went on to start up more technology and IT companies in Boston and California. He set up the software company Evernote in 2007 and, as its CEO, guided it into a successful future, with 150 million users worldwide and a value of 1 billion US dollars. Libin is one of the most innovative computer science entrepreneurs in the world, and is today a venture capitalist at, General Catalyst Partners.

keynote | German

01.30 p.m.


Phil Libin describes the S curve in technology hitting a plateau about twice a decade making it the opportune moment for investment. Phil is convinced that the new trends will be creating products and technology, which adapt to our brain and how it wants to function. Ergonomic technology for the brain is the future. For example, products will adapt to how we want them to work functioning naturally with the brain. The product will augment your brain capacity, feeling more comfortable, reducing training and errors all the while increasing human productivity and happiness. Three trends he describes as the future:

1. Experience: Create great experiences at work, in your country as a leader. The concept of business class should be everywhere. Happy employees and citizens make for success.

2. Ownership: People want more self-service = Do it yourself. One shouldn’t have to ask around for help. In turn = happy employees.

3. Snagification: Everything in life is getting shorter but more frequent. Example: Talking with a friend on the phone for an hour turned into texting many times a day.