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Jamie Bartlett

Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media (Demos)

Jamie Bartlett is British and a leading social media analyst. After graduating from both the London School of Economics and Oxford University, he conducted fi eld research in Pakistan and Bangladesh. He examines how social networks change political and social movements. He has in-depth knowledge of monitoring technologies and Big Data, and wrote the highly respected book The Dark Net in 2014. He writes weekly columns and is much in demand as a commentator in international media.

keynote | German

08.35 a.m.


Jamie Bartlett, based in London, is the director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos, a leading UK think tank. Jamie Bartlett is currently involved in projects on crypto-currencies, surveillance and counter-surveillance methods and ISIS’s use of social media for propaganda and recruitment. 2014 he published The Dark Net. See also Ted Talk. The Dark Net is the underworld of the Internet. The Tor browser, developed by the US Navy, is the doorway into a world of fascinating websites dealing and wheeling in counterfeit money, drug dealing, stealing identities, pornography and pirated books among other illegal operations. Tor encrypts the user’s IP address allowing one to surf incognito.Jamie uses the Silk Road drug website as a fine example of drug dealing in the dark net. He discovered that the drugs sold are cleaner and safer than those sold on the streets. For example, cocaine sold on line is 70-90% pure compared to 2-20% sold on the street. Transactions are paid by Bit Coin, customers can hit the complain button when unsatisfied with a product. Vendors are very attentive and accommodating to customers