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Cyril Bouquet

Professor of Strategy, IMD Business School

Cyril Bouquet lectures and researches at IMD Business School in Lausanne, specialising in innovation, leadership and organisational psychology. A French-Canadian with dual nationality, he has authored numerous case studies on international companies such as Mars Central Europe, and provides expert advice to IMD customers and political administrators. In 2004 he received the Richard Farmer Award for the world‘s best doctorate on International Business.

keynote | German

2.15 p.m.


Cyril Bouquet, French by birth, Canadian by adoption, is a professor of strategy at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne, Switzerland.150 companies visit IMD a year to gain insight how to navigate through the storm of modern technology. He describes three main issues managers are bringing to the table:1. New forms of technological competition, how to deal with them?2. New expectations from customers are very challenging.3. A new industrial revolution is being witnessedBouquet suggests they make changes, be brave and cease the day! Create the future without being a prisoner of the past and manage the present, figure out the past, create the future. Three key points for leaders:1. Be an explorer, don’t be a discoverer. Enlarge your barriers, ask questions.2. Let yourself be more free, more open in face of new ways of thinking3. Be more humble in the way you build your company’s future, small steps and all together.