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Ben Hammersley

Principal, Hammersley Futures & Author

Ben Hammersley’s journalistic career started with the role of internet reporter at the Times. He was then employed by, among others, the Guardian and the BBC, and was honoured with the Royal Television Society Award. His work in the field of internet technology focuses on the effects of the digital world on companies and our society. He has profound knowledge of digital transformation and advises the British Foreign Office and countless firms on strategy.

keynote | German

2.15 p.m.


Ben Hammersley warns us not to make the Kodak mistake: getting stuck in old habits and giving up too soon. People do not like change, but we must embrace it in order to keep up with the times. Moore’s Law says that technology gets better every 18 months and the prices halve. Think: Self-driving car from Google. It’s not about the self-driving car, it’s about the self driving truck! When route 15 took over route 66, all of the towns along route 66 died. Self-driving trucks will kill rest stop services in Europe. will take over the mediocre lawyers, AI will take over jobs of “Meat Puppets”, the folks keeping the chairs warm for AI to step in. And this scenario is not very far off. You need to embody SPREZZATURA = the art of doing something difficult as if you’re a pro. Maximize what makes you human.