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Alec Ross

Visiting Fellow Johns Hopkins University

Alec Ross is one of the leading innovation experts in the world, and is one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers. This pioneer of digital strategies took Barack Obama‘s election campaign online in 2008, and supported the US State Department in matters of cyber security as Hillary Clinton‘s innovation and technology strategist. Today, Ross sits on several Advisory Boards (including that of the Kudelski Group) and advises investors and top CEOs on strategic issues related to technological change.

keynote | German

11.45 a.m.


The sum of information aka data created on cave walls all the way to 2003 is being produced now every 2 days. In March 2020 the volume of data will increase from 16 billion to 40 billion. Alec predicts that: AI robots of the 1970s will be the reality of the 2020s. Cloud robotics = robots connected via remote control will be the commercialization of gnomics. Bio tech will grow rapidly. Innovation, which has not yet been digitized such as block chain technology will transform a variety of industries. Eg sale of a house in the US, which entails time, heaps of paper and lots of money will be reduced to a few pages to be signed, short waiting time and low fees. Lodgin and transportation industries will be radically transformed. Think Uber and AirBnB. Alec Ross advices CEOs to not be hierarchal. Create a seat for a digital native in your company. The best ideas come from the young folks! And lastly, take note: 65% of students in elementary schools today will have jobs which don’t yet exist.