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Morten Lund

Rule breaker | Angle Investor | Serial Entrepreneur

Morten Lund is a serial entrepreneur based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He has founded or coinvested in more than 150 high-tech start-ups throughout the last 15 years, including Skype, ZYB, Polar, Bullguard, Tradeshift, AirHelp and many others. He is one of the most prolific start-up investors in Europe and has been to bankruptcy and back in the pursuit of world-changing free enterprise. Now working on the financial technology platform Tradeshift, amongst other ventures, Lund is still striving for success; he is just becoming a little more cautious about which dreams he makes a reality.

keynote | German

02.00 p.m.


Morten Lund, a Danish entrepreneur, creator and innovator, and father of four, gives a motivational talk for entrepreneurs. He suggests the audience take out a pen to take notes on the little manual on how to succeed. Sorry, the bad news: There is no manual.

Morten roles fast forward with his list of words of inspiration: Dream big. Work hard.

Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Break the rules in order to get ahead. Watch Ted Talks. Watch this video to learn about Coders Trust, a third world project which enables poor folks to gain access to a laptop, internet and guidance.