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Jeremiah Owyang

Founder, Crowd Companies Global Expert on Sharing & Crowdfounding

As founder of the Crowd Company Jeremiah Owyang focuses on how large companies tap the Collaborative Economy. The Collaborative Economy is an economic model where people create and share goods, services, space and money with each other. Previously, Owyang was a founding partner at Altimeter Group and an industry analyst at Forrester Research, dealing with social computing – the first phase of digital making and sharing.

Owyang has been featured in the “Who’s Who” of the Silicon Valley Business Journal and his Twitter feed was named one of the top feeds by Time magazine.

keynote | German

08.30 a.m.


Jeremiah Owyang, an American of Chinese descent from SF, California, founder of Crowd Companies, describes with the help of vivid slides how the Collaborative Economy is developing around the planet. Using the Honeycomb Economy chart, Jeremiah explains in detail the Peer to Peer movement which is turning consumers into makers, co-creators and crowdfunders. He warns corporations that this uprising movement can lead to major disruptions and goes on to give tips on how to adapt business models to this new trend via crowd funding, for example.

Collaborative economy: What can your business do to avoid being disrupted by this movement?