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Dorian Selz

Co-Founder & CEO, Squirro

Squirro scans multiple sources from Internet channels and social media, private databases and even internal systems, to find the most relevant information on your topic of interest.

keynote | German

3.00 p.m.


Dorian Selz, a Swiss national, co-founder and CEO of Squirro based in Zürich, explores the question: What is the value and return on data? Data centers are costly to run. 95% of the data will be used only once. Selz has written algorithms, which dissect data found on the Internet. Who and what is being posted/written about my company on line? With the Adaptive Search Appliance, one can make an Intelligent Search collecting data, which in turn can be analysed and used to help increase sales, for example. Collecting the right information at the right point in time is key.