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David Rose

MIT Media LAB Researcher | Serial Entrepreneur Bestselling Author

David Rose is a global expert on The Internet of Things – the concept where everyday items become “enchanted objects” able to anticipate our needs, talk with each other and make life simpler. Rose is an instructor and resear-cher at the MIT Media Lab and the author of the preeminent book on the In-ternet of Things, “Enchanted Objects”.

Rose is CEO of Ditto Labs, and was founder and CEO of Vitality. He also founded Ambient Devices, a company embedding internet information in objects such as lamps, mirrors or umbrellas. He holds patents for photo sharing, in-teractive TV, ambient information displays and medical devices. Rose’s work has been featured at the MoMA and covered in Wired, The Economist and The Colbert Report.

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David Rose, b. 1967, American based in Boston, scientist, business executive and lecturer at the MIT Media Lab, as well as CEO of Ditto Labs, describes the objects he has transformed into inspiring objects. Daily normal objects which give us signals and/or information we normally would find in an app on the smartphone. Skype in a cupboard, a pill bottle with a lid which alerts it’s time to take the pill, an ambient umbrella, an anoto pen, a sealing wallet when the budget goes low and a Google Maps screen in the coffee table all are a few of the devices which David has developed.

“Enchanted objects will make interfaces tangible, haptic, incidental, embedded, expressive and humanistic.”