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Sessions will enable an in-depth exchange between participants and experts, allowing us to move beyond the usual boundaries of discourse.


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Switzerland’s digital competitiveness: Between fax machine and quantum computer

Language: German

The Digital Competitiveness Ranking of IMD measures a country’s level of digitalisation in an international comparison, and in 2020 Switzerland was in 6th position. However, huge room for improvement was revealed by the time of the coronavirus crisis. Dr Hanna Henkel, head of the Science and Technology Editorial Office at the NZZ newspaper, discusses with inspiring guests from Switzerland and abroad the areas where Switzerland can improve.

Dr. Hanna Henkel
Head of the Science and Technology Editorial Office of the Swiss newspaper NZZ
Dr. Rudolf Hermann
Correspondent for Nordic and Baltic States NZZ
Niniane Paeffgen
Managing Director, Swiss Digital Initiative


A toxic culture through digitization?

Language: German

High turnover, low morale, lots of gossip: typical symptoms of a toxic corporate culture. Profound changes in the corporate culture and the understanding of leadership are necessary. In this breakout session you will learn which measures (remote or in person) you as a leader can use to establish and sustain trust and genuine collaboration in the company culture.

Konrad Weber
Strategy consultant and coach in the field of digital transformation


From product to successful business model

Language: English

The reliability of industrial plants is increasing thanks to the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. But the real customer benefits are delivered by innovative business models and a holistic approach to service contracts. In the breakout session, we will use concrete examples to show how the traditional model, where payment is made for materials and working time, can be transformed into a flexible, results-oriented concept with clear added value.

Mari Emilia Haapala
Head of Smart Solutions, ABB
Zoltan Gal
Global Service Sales Manager Power Protection, ABB
Karin Frei


Beautiful ‘New World of Work’!?

Language: German

Work life is becoming more and more flexible at a rapid pace. Sustainable designs of work models are an important tool for competitiveness. The Corona crisis has made this even more evident: We need to break new ground.

Judith Bellaïche
National Councillor
Yvonne Feri
National Councillor
Elodie Lhuillier
Country HR Lead, Switzerland, Google
Dr. Marius Klauser
Director and CEO, EXPERTsuisse
Lukas Mäder
Editor Technology, NZZ


Digital business models from Switzerland

Language: German

The start-ups LED City, BLP Digtal and VAY pitch their digital business models on the main stage. Three exciting cases and three exciting stories from and with successful young companies from Switzerland.

Sabrina Schenardi
co-Founder, BLP Digital
Tim Beck
CEO & Founder, BLP Digital
Ben A. Simon
COO & Founder, VAY AG
Joel Roos
CEO & Founder, VAY AG
Patrick Deuss
CEO & Founder LEDCity


NFT – more than just hype? How the art market is adapting blockchain technology

Language: German

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique, "non-replaceable" cryptographic token that, in comparison to a fungible token such as Bitcoin, is not exchangeable and therefore not replicable. NFTs are digital real tokens that are mapped on the blockchain or the Ethereum network and are increasingly used in the art scene, among others. Our expert, Dr Daniel Diemers, will give you an overview of the size of the market and its development. We will also be joined live by the world-famous Twobadour, who owns the most expensive NFT artwork in history.

Dr. Daniel Diemers
Partner at SNGLR Group, Strategist, Startup Coach, Investor
Buyer of the 69 Million Dollar Artwork "Everydays: the First 5000 Days"


The digital ski resort

Language: German

Sisag has worked with bbv Software Services AG to design and develop a digital platform for ski resorts and cable car facilities within one year. Learn about this race to the summit and other industrial IoT projects, find out what Sisag hopes to gain from this development, and how you can get more power on the skis and press ahead with your innovation projects.

Michael Arnold
Computer Science Engineer FH, SISAG
Roland Krummenacher
Expert for Cloud and IoT, bbv Software Services AG