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the leading conference on strategies and success in times of digital change

Strategic Progress


Current technologies and trends will be considered using a cross-sector approach, examined from several perspectives and carefully classified.


By participating in the X.Days, you will gain comprehensive and specific expertise of everything related to the digital transformation.


You will develop a more comprehensive awareness of the digital revolution, particularly of the opportunities and risks it presents to your own business on a strategic level.


Analyses, inspiration and use cases can be transferred directly into your working environment.

X.Days differs from similar conferences as its programme‘s set-up is carefully selected and transfer-oriented. The conference benefits from the broad network and experience of the team at NZZ Conferences.

High-profile participants

The X.Days are aimed at 450 selected leaders, entrepreneurs and top decision makers at C-level, drawn from a variety of sectors, as well as at relevant opinion formers from the worlds of politics, economics, administration and the media. Their primary object is to facilitate the discussion of strategic issues related to digital change.